Who we are

Somnis Infosystems need to execute high-value, long-gestation projects on time and within budget. At the same time, you should adopt digital technologies to drive operational excellence as well as decarbonization.

Somnis Infosystems partners with Engineering, Procurement and Construction enterprises to navigate the dynamics of budgeting, scheduling, productivity, and sustainability in capital- and resources-intensive projects. We blend cyber-physical systems, data analytics, IP methodologies, and predictive technologies to mitigate risks across contracts and project portfolios.

Somnis Infosystems modernizes engineering data management, supply chain operations, core business processes, and support services. Our AI solutions enable real-time synchronization of project resources. Notably, our holistic approach encourages design innovation while ensuring regulatory compliance.

DT&I Agenda

We work with a market leader in every sector – a premium brand that is driving innovation for their customers and reliant on us to guide them on their journey to a new future forward.

From a top financial services firm to an automotive giant, a Manufacturer innovator to a major CPG player, and an energy and utilities leader, we bring deep industry focus to help our clients reshape their sector and achieve competitive advantage.

As strategic advisors, we plan and build programs to help these enterprises operate stronger today, and prepare for tomorrow, with an acute focus on the digital business agenda.

So, how do we help companies achieve success?

  • We strategize, design and implement growth programs in a seamlessly integrated way
  • Our domain experts have an average of 10 years of experience transforming business from the inside out
  • Our programs focus on achieving actionable results in rapid succession to help you show value to your stakeholders
  • We are part of technology leader Infosys, and have access to a global network and delivery capability of 100+ professionals that enable us to implement at scale.